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Available Rabbits for Adoption
If you are interested in adopting any of our precious rabbits listed below, please click here 

Mimi & MooMoo

​These two little girls were dumped and found huddled together at the farm. Terrified, it was MooMoo's white marketings that caught the attention of our staff. MiMi was hiding and whimpering behind MooMoo. Now safe, they are sweet, curious and personality plus! They took to a litter box right away so these girls have great manners. Come and meet them today!
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Mackie, Angie , Jackie​ Flash & Max

Rescued- February 2016
Spayed female (white) Mackie
Spayed female (white) Angie
Spayed female (black) Jackie Flash
Neutered male (black) Max 

The lucky 10!  
6 out of the litter were adopted so 4 are left!

Mackie was found at the Farm with a huge open gash on her flank and an injured hind leg.  She also had, what we think, was a two-month old abscess that had formed.  Sadly, she had used all her energy trying to escape capture.  But, once we finally got her, she had to be treated with emergency fluids and critical care.  Covered in fleas, we had to treat her with doses of Revolution. Diligent wound care, pain medication and antibiotics finally stepped her to recovery! She was strong enough for surgery to remove her abscess along with short-term antibiotics and pain meds.  Success!  This little girl deserves a second chance after all the medical issues she has had to endure. With her new lease on life, she's a little explorer interested in most everything, Mackie is super friendly, litter box trained and socialized sharing a large xpen with four others in the same age group. 

​These sweet rabbits are socialized, love attention, litter box trained, not afraid of dogs and of course spayed and neutered.   They all have been housed together and would be ideal to adopt them out in pairs or all together!  :)  
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Peanut & Sunshine

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Rescued- February 2016
Spayed female, Neutered Male (bonded brother & sister)

These 2 cuties came in from a family of five. They are playful curious and ready to meet you!
This bonded pair is altered, liter box trained and currently being fostered in a home with children and other pets. So, if you are looking for a social duo, Peanut and Sunshine are ready to meet you!



Bio coming soon!

With the overwhelming amount of bunnies arriving daily, we ask that you please inquire via email if you’re interested in learning more, fostering or adopting this beautiful animal.



Skipper was found at The Farm approximately 3 weeks old wandering solo.  We watched as he approached the rabbits around him trying to suckle from the other rabbits.  Realizing his Mama was nowhere around, we took him home.  He had to be syringe fed till old enough for Alfalfa and pellets. 
Skipper has grown up and is an absolutely fantastic rabbit!  He loves people and loves to lay beside you and watch TV.  He's a clean, tidy and does super with his litter box!  All he's missing is a forever home.